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Big Trees 4 U is a Premier Provider of Privacy
and Shade Trees for Your Home Landscape.

Trees are all we do and we believe we do them better than anyone else.

We are driven by 3 guiding principles:

Make sure the selected tree will meet the customers’ requirements.

Make sure the tree is planted in a location that will allow it to thrive for decades.

Exceed customers’ expectations regarding tree quality and project experience at a
most competitive price.

All prices include planting, fertilization, and a one year warranty.
In most cases delivery is also included.

We are committed to prompt helpful responses and using all of our 25+ years of experience
to make your project the best possible. Our attention to details may surprise you!

Tree Sales and Service: 513-835-1935 or contact

Quantity Discounts = Big Trees 4U Greenbacks Program:

Our quantity discounts are created by labor savings that we can achieve
when planting multiple trees at the same time.

If you order . . .

4 Trees get $100 off your order
5 Trees get $125 off your order
6 Trees get $175 off your order
7 Trees get $225 off your order
8 Trees get $275 off your order
9 Trees get $325 off your order
10 Trees get $375 off your order